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13 Ways Your Website is Just Like a Car

In California, your car plays an important role in your public perception. On the internet, your website is the vehicle by which you get around and get seen.

Here are 13 ways your website is just like a car. Keep it clean inside and out–and you’ll stay up and running for the foreseeable future.

1. Without fuel, it won’t get far. Just like a car, your website needs fuel to get around. In the  world of websites, your fuel is frequently updated content. Blog posts, how-to videos, infographics, white papers…it’s all new content that lets search engines know that your website is current and active.

2. It’s a combination of form and function. A car has been designed to look attractive–and engineered to perform reliably. Your website is the same.

3. You have to maintain it. Much like a car will only go so far without regular oil changes, your website needs ongoing maintenance in the form of security, software and platform updates to perform at its best.

4. You’ll be judged by how it looks. You don’t need to have the flashiest or the most expensive website. But you’ll get a lot of mileage out of a reliable, clean, well-maintained website that speaks to your audience and shows your competitors you mean business.

5. It says a lot about you. Your website should express your style. Don’t be afraid to let your business philosophy and point of view shine through your website’s design and content.

6. Keep it locked. Security is hugely important for your website. Not only does robust security protect you from hackers or data loss, it filters out the riffraff (think spam commenters) that make your site look poorly maintained or abandoned.

7. Takes you where you want to go. From growing your business to expanding into new markets or simply getting more customers, your website plays a major role in advancing your business–or keeping you stuck in one place.

8. Every so often, you need to get a new one. Completely overhauling your website helps your business look modern and show that you’re keeping pace with the market. Don’t be afraid to revamp your site every few years or so.

9. It has gauges for information. Like a car, your website’s user dashboard provides you with lots of valuable information that helps you make decisions about where your company is headed. Page views, comment moderation and shopping carts provide at-a-glance data that helps you keep an eye on your company’s performance.

10. You can pile lots of stuff into it. Your website should contain plenty of helpful information for your clients–but remember not to overcrowd it. No one likes digging through a messy car to find what they need. They won’t like digging through a messy website either.

11. You have an emotional connection to it. Your website should make you feel proud and excited. If you’re embarrassed by it or find yourself not wanting to share your company’s URL, it’s probably time for a website update.

12. It can be more efficient. Optimize images and video, delete old content and make sure all your plugins are updated. These keep your website fast and efficient.

13. It should be a smooth ride. Your website should be comfortable and easy for you–and your customers–to use. Any hiccups or workarounds mean it’s a good idea to start looking at some new options.

To talk about how to make sure your website stays up and running smoothly, contact us today.

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