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Standing Out from the Crowd

The Problem

An attorney exclusively representing commercial truck drivers wanted to create an attention-grabbing brochure to place at area truck stops and to use at industry trade shows. Since brochure displays are crowded with competitor marketing materials, this attorney needed a brochure that would stand out.

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What We Did

A few core issues were limiting the impact of this presentation. We addressed each one individually.

Based on years of experience representing commercial truck drivers, the attorney not only had a deep understanding of this highly specialized target client, but also had plenty of helpful information to impart to truckers to help them avoid getting tickets which could compromise their livelihood as commercial truck drivers.

The brochure became a resource. Rather than leaving lots of empty space (or “white space”) as is common in traditional marketing materials, we loaded the brochure with useful information. A call-out on the front page drew attention to the fact that this was “FREE information for commercial truck drivers.”

The front page message addressed consequences. Receiving a ticket, even for a minor traffic violation, can have serious consequences for truckers. Moving violations can result in points against their driving record, which can inhibit their ability to work for a trucking company. Problems securing work can lead to financial ruin. By addressing the de facto consequences of not fighting a ticket, or simply paying the ticket which equates to pleading guilty, we demonstrated that the attorney understands exactly what is at stake.

Multiple writing styles created engaging content. Instead of information solely written in traditional paragraphs, we included a variety of formats including lists, facts, “Ask an Attorney” Q&A, and an outline of the attorney’s process.

The Results

The brochure reflected the attorney’s desire to truly help truckers, not just solicit their business. By understanding what is important to the target market and how they consume information, we were able to create a piece that was tailored specifically to their needs. The brochure was place at various truck stops, distributed at trucker industry events and included as a main marketing material in mailed packets.

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